About Us

United Way of St. Joseph County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating long-lasting change, ensuring all residents have access to the building blocks to a better life: education, income and health. United Way is unique in its ability to bring together people active in their communities, business leaders, nonprofit organizations and government agencies to address the underlying causes of major St. Joseph County problems.

Our Mission

To mobilize the community to collectively reduce poverty.

What does the United Way do?

United Way believes that by partnering with local agencies, things can be accomplished that no one individual or organization could achieve alone. Currently, we collaborate with local agencies to meet the diverse needs of St. Joseph County. Each agency is categorized by one of the United Way's three areas of focus:

  • Education: preparing children and youth for a successful future
  • Income: guiding families to financial stability
  • Health: promoting physical health and emotional well being
The United Way gives people a trustworthy place to donate funds, knowing that their dollars will go to meet the greatest areas of need in the community. Funds received by the United Way are divided between the three areas of focus based on greatest need and then distributed to qualifying agencies accordingly.

What makes United Way special?

  • Our unique ability to convene, collaborate and direct resources where most needed
  • We concentrate on those issues that no single agency can solve on its own
  • Our commitment to efficiency, transparency and accountability
  • The thorough research that supports our community investments
  • Advocacy for favorable public policy that benefits those in need of health and human services
  • Compassionate and knowledgeable volunteer leadership

Who oversees the operations and finances of United Way?

The operating budget of United Way of St. Joseph County is audited by an independent accounting firm and carefully reviewed by volunteers who serve on the United Way Finance Committee and United Way Board of Directors. United Way is governed by a local volunteer board of directors whose members are respected community and business leaders. Although we consider guidelines set forth by United Way Worldwide, all policy and funding decisions are made locally. The community volunteers who lead United Way reflect our community's diversity and represent a wealth of professions. A knowledgeable professional staff works closely with these volunteers, handling United Way's daily operations.


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