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IR-2012-53, May 21, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced another expansion of its "Fresh Start" initiative by offering more flexible terms to its Offer in Compromise (OIC) program that will enable some of the most financially distressed taxpayers to clear up their tax problems and in many cases more quickly than in the past.


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IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2012-03

School’s out, but the IRS has another lesson for students who will be starting summer jobs. Summer jobs represent an opportunity for students to learn about the tax system.


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IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2012-04

Military personnel and their families face unique life challenges with their duties, expenses and transitions. The IRS wants active members of the U.S. Armed Forces to be aware of all the special tax benefits that are available to them.


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IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2012-05

If you discover an error after you file your tax return, you can correct it by amending your return. Here are 10 tips from the Internal Revenue Service about amending your federal tax return:


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Special Edition Tax Tip 2012-08

College-bound students and their parents typically want to make every dollar and every minute of the college experience count including money spent on tuition and time spent on the college financial aid application process. The Internal Revenue Service is helping minimize the time spent on the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form by automating access to federal tax returns with the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. This tool provides the opportunity for applicants to automatically transfer the required tax data onto the FAFSA form.


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