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United Way of St. Joseph County has officially opened the application to apply for grant funding for the 2019 – 2022 Investment Award cycle. Through collective impact, United Way of St. Joseph County is committed to reducing poverty in the community.

By supporting initiatives in the areas of Early Learning, Youth Success, Stable Families, and Critical Needs, United Way of St. Joseph County is able to address the issue of poverty at many stages. United Way is unique in its ability to bring together multiple members in the community, who collectively identify problems and work toward creating a lasting solution. By forging unlikely partnerships, United Way is able to navigate the complex issue of poverty and invest more into the community.

This grant cycle will close at 5pm EST on March 29, 2019. Any interested applicant who would like to meet and discuss their application prior to submission must request a meeting prior to March 18th.

All grant information can be found here or by contacting Vice President of Community Impact, Sheri Robertson, at

Below you will find helpful information regarding this process:


Application Content

Grant Application Instructions

Community Impact Plan Measurement Piece

Trauma Informed Care RFP

Community Impact Plan 2019 – 2022